Delivering quality activities under WorkReady​

WorkReady aims to deliver quality learning experiences for students within the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system and to provide work-ready graduates.

Quality assurance and compliance framework

Image of a 6 pointed star surrounded by a ring explaining Quality assurance and compliance framework showing risks and key factors for building capability and professionalism of the VET sector

The Quality Assurance and Compliance Framework describes the range of quality assurance activities conducted by us.

The eight elements of the quality assurance and compliance framework are:

Application assessment and approval –  a rigorous application and assessment process ensures that registered training organisations applying to deliver training under WorkReady meet robust capability and performance criteria.

Contract management – the Contract protects consumers and public funds by giving the Minister authority to share information about the provider’s operations and performance with the national regulator, and to audit the provider for compliance with the Contract’s terms and conditions.

Risk identification – collecting data from providers, consumers and stakeholders to identify risks to quality training and public funds. Risk assessment provides guidance for changes to WorkReady policies and to the allocation of resources.

Real-time monitoring – continuously monitoring training provider activity such as marketing materials and enrolment and payment claims data. Enquiries and complaints about Training Provider services and industry and market intelligence are systematically managed.

Quality and compliance monitoring – reviewing each Training Provider’s performance prior to completion of their Contract term to determine whether a new Contract will be offered.

Building the capability and professionalism of the VET sector - supporting Training Providers through a range of workshops, capability building projects and information to help them to meet the quality objectives of WorkReady.

Engaging with stakeholders to assure outcomes -  validating quality outcomes under WorkReady through industry and consumer intelligence, and employer and learner satisfaction information. Our relationship with the national regulator contributes to this part of the framework.

Investigation and intervention – where a Training Provider is found to be operating outside their contractual obligations, the Minister through departmental officers has authority to ensure this is remedied by the provider and where necessary, the Training Provider Contract is restricted or terminated.

Quality and compliance monitoring

During the term of a Training Provider Contract we will conduct a Performance and Compliance Review to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of the Contract. You will be notified in writing when your review will take place.

Performance and compliance reviews can be undertaken as:

  • A scheduled review during the term of your Contract to ensure quality training is being delivered in compliance with the Contract or
  • An unscheduled review triggered as a result of information gathered by the department or provided by clients or other stakeholders.

We will reduce duplication by combining activities for evidence gathering; however this may depend on timing of different activities.

The review will be based on available evidence and your performance history.

Types of evidence includes but is not limited to:

  • your enrolment processes
  • the way you support students
  • your levels of industry engagement
  • work placements you arrange
  • the skills and qualifications of your workforce
  • information about school students (TGSS and ICAN)
  • any subcontracting arrangements
  • your training facilities (details of the location of training delivery for interstate providers).


A Memorandum of Understanding with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) facilitates the sharing of information that supports our performance and compliance activities and allows the tracking of registered Training Provider behaviours.

Under Clause 6.2 of the Contract, the Training Provider consents to the Minister obtaining information about the Training Provider from ASQA at any time. If requested by the Minister, Clause 6.2 further requires the Training Provider to provide written consent should it be necessary to give effect to this clause.

Results of performance assessment

A full assessment of all evidence will be undertaken and direct appropriate action.

You will receive notice of the completion of your review.

The decision of the Delegate will inform future contracts that we may offer you.

Read more detailed information about how we monitor quality and compliance.

To read more about your contract obligations and the guidelines for Training Providers see Contract documents.

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