What a training provider needs to know about training plans​

A training plan is the document which outlines details about the formal training an apprentice or trainee will do with you. It is your responsibility to complete and lodge a training plan.

How it works

An employer and apprentice or trainee may choose you as their training provider.

Any new contracts allocated to you are listed on the ATLAS Portal system.

  1. Search ATLAS Portal to view any new contracts lodged where your organisation has been nominated as the training provider, and then begin completing a training plan for that apprentice or trainee.

    For more information, see Submitting a training plan via ATLAS.

  2. You contact the employer and apprentice or trainee to discuss the details of training, including the core and elective units of competency, and then complete and submit the online training plan via the ATLAS Portal.

    You will need to attach a copy of the training plan which has been signed by you, the employer, and the apprentice or trainee (and their parent or guardian if they are aged under 18).

How to complete a training plan

Training plans (school-based and non-school based) must include:

  • the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualification to be undertaken
  • the units of competence that will make up the AQF qualification
  • the mode of delivery of formal training (on-job or off-job)
  • the responsibilities of the apprentice or trainee, employer and Registered Training Organisation (RTO), with respect to training under the contract
  • any additional expectations of the apprentice or trainee, employer or RTO that are agreed to by the parties to the contract.

For information about the process of completing an online training plan, see Submitting a training plan via ATLAS.

Lodging a training plan

Training plans are to be lodged using the ATLAS Portal within four weeks of the new contract appearing in the ATLAS Portal.

What happens after you lodge a training plan?

Once the training plan is submitted via the ATLAS Portal, Regulation and Contract Management will assess the training contract application.

You will be advised in writing of the decision to approve (or in a small number of cases decline) the training contract.

Training providers are required to keep the hard copy of the signed training plan and must be able to supply it to Regulation and Contract Management within 48 hours of a request.

Australian School-based Apprenticeship and Traineeship (ASbA) training plans

If the training contract is school-based, you will need to complete a school-based training plan and attach the training plan when submitting via the ATLAS Portal.

The training plan requires signatures from a parent or guardian of the apprentice or trainee (if they are aged under 18), and the school principal or their delegate.

By signing a training plan, everyone agrees that they understand the plan and agree to it.

Accessing the ATLAS Portal

To access the ATLAS Portal each user must complete a Request for ATLAS Portal access form.

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