The Student Training Enrolment Logistics Application (STELA) is an online application for training providers to complete their AVETMISS reporting requirements.

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Apply for access to STELA

Apply for access to STELA Direct Entry and STELA NAT Upload via the online STELA application form.

If you experience any difficulties with requesting a login, please contact the STELA Helpdesk on 8226 3050 or email

AVETMISS reporting checklist

This checklist assists RTOs to meet the national VET reporting requirements by confirming completion of all submission progress reports in STELA.

For more information see AVETMISS reporting checklist.

STELA Direct Entry

Specifically for RTO’s directly entering training activity into STELA.


If you have purchased privately developed AVETMISS compliant software, you will need to upload your data into STELA via NAT files.

Reporting requirements in South Australia

Information relating to AVETMISS reporting requirements in South Australia.

AVETMISS File Specifications (SA)

South Australia has their own version of the Training Activity (NAT00120) file and the Program Completed (NAT00130) file. All other files are identical to NCVER’s standards.

Future Changes to SA version of the Training Organisation File Specifications (SA)

From 1 Jan 2019, South Australia will have its own specification for the NAT00010/10A Training Organisation file which will include two new below the line fields called ‘Software Product Name’ and ‘Software Vendor E-mail Address’. This will be in addition to the existing South Australian file specifications for the NAT00120 Training Activity and NAT00130 Program Completed. All other files will remain identical to NCVER’s standards.

STELA NAT Upload Errors and Warnings

To upload NAT files successfully into STELA NAT Upload the process requires:

  1. NAT files to be validated via AVS and be error free
  2. NAT files to meet state validations and be error free.

If any errors are detected by STELA in steps 1 or 2 the upload will fail and no data will be imported. The errors will need to be fixed at the source and a new set of NAT files will need to be generated, revalidated through AVS and re-uploaded into STELA. For a list of STELA validations refer to the list below which includes the business rules and associated messaging.


SACE related VET activity collection requirements

The Department for Industry and Skills (DIS) collects all VET activity in South Australia related to school students where it counts towards their senior secondary certificate (SACE) and reports it to NCVER annually on behalf of the SACE Board.

To make the SACE related reporting as accurate as possible, please ensure you have the following information from the school about each student:

See List of School Locations (Excel).

Steps to report SACE related VET activity in STELA

STELA NAT Upload Users

For information about your SMS in relation to the SACE Collection process, please contact your software vendor.

For technical documents about South Australian specific reporting requirements for software vendors, see Reporting requirements in South Australia.

Reporting deadlines

DIS requires all training providers to report their VET Training Activity for South Australian students in STELA on a quarterly basis. Below are the quaterly reporting periods and the reporting deadline for each quarter:

Quarter Date Deadline to report
Quarter 1 1 January - 31 March 20 April 2018
Quarter 2 1 April - 30 June 20 July 2018
Quarter 3 1 July - 30 September 20 October 2018
Quarter 4 1 October - 31 December 31 January 2019


The VET Training Activity to be reported includes Government funded training, Fee for Service training and VET in Schools training. If you are not able to meet these quarterly requirements you need to advise the STELA helpdesk when you will be ready to meet the requirements.

Unique Student Identifiers (USI)

You must report a USI for every student undertaking nationally accredited training whenever you submit AVETMISS data as part of the National VET Provider Collection, unless an exemption applies. 

For more about exemption, visit ​ Exemptions from reporting USI.

For further information about USI, visit NCVER USI Fact Sheet.

Further Information

For any questions about the content, please contact the STELA Helpdesk on 8226 3050 or email

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