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Sectors in focus - Defence and Space

Defence and Space

The South Australian government has set the goal of the South Australian defence industry being ‘recognised as an international leader in the defence and space industries’ by 2035.

South Australia is well placed to continue to capture valuable investment opportunities in the shipbuilding, cyber and systems, defence science and research, and space industries.

South Australia’s defence sector employs more than 14,000 workers, with another 10,000 jobs expected to be added to the defence industry pipeline, plus thousands more in associated industries over the next 20 years.

The AUKUS program will support the construction in Adelaide and delivery of next generation nuclear-powered submarines to Australia’s defence force. This commitment has the potential to significantly increase demand for a range of both higher education and VET qualifications.

At its peak, up to 4,000 workers will be employed to design and build the infrastructure for the Submarine Construction Yard in Osborne, South Australia. A further 4,000 to 5,500 direct shipyard jobs are expected to be created to build nuclear-powered submarines in South Australia when the program reaches its peak.

Supported by the South Australian and Australian governments, the Skills and Training Academy at Osborne will support pathways into and within the submarine and naval shipbuilding workforce including developing skills required for the construction of the SSN-AUKUS nuclear-powered submarines.

South Australia is also home to Australia’s Space Agency Headquarters and more than 90 space companies and organisations. As the industry expands, there will likely be a growing demand for workers with specialised skills and knowledge in areas such as satellite engineering, data analysis and space technology.

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