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Skilled people

Skilled. Thriving. Connected. positions South Australians at the centre

We're placing an emphasis on learners making informed choices to engage and progress in skill development. Learners will have access to tailored supports and services that help them to achieve successful outcomes with priority skills needed to thrive in the workplace and community.

Skilled people drive productivity and competitiveness in established and emerging industry sectors such as construction, defence, renewable energy, information technology, advanced manufacturing, and space.

Our focus is to see learners make informed choices, progress skills development, gain meaningful work and access tailored supports.

A learner’s journey can be varied and there are pressures and expectations about career pathways.

Whether learners are combining VET with their school studies to get a head start to a career, working towards an initial qualification, looking to upskill, reskill or transfer their skills and pivot into many varying pathways, or re-engage with learning after a break, it is important that supports are in place to assist decisions and overcome barriers to increase the likelihood of completion.

Skilled people - Areas of reform


The My Training website


In early 2023, Skills SA set out to develop a new website that focused on improving the learner’s experience, providing better access to career and training information, and empowering them to make informed decisions about their educational journey.

To ensure the learner was at the heart of the development of the website, Skills SA collaborated with current, and potential, students to capture valuable insights which were used to form content and the platform of the website.

The My Training website is intuitive and user friendly with an upfront, home page course search, engaging imagery, interactive maps and search tools, and an option to save user preferences.

Whether it’s using tools like the career finder questionnaire and accessing information on high demand sectors and occupations to highlight new career pathways, finding course details and training providers to put learners on the right pathway to their dream job or accessing learner supports such as enrolment and course related support and help to secure a placement, the My Training website truly is a ‘One Stop Shop’ for South Australian learners.

Providing wrap-around support for learners needs to be a priority

Skilled. Thriving. Connected. will support learners from diverse backgrounds, including apprentices and trainees, with opportunities for women, Aboriginal learners, and other underrepresented cohorts, strengthening the role of VET in driving greater social inclusion.

This includes:

  • working with partners to focus on inclusive and safe work practices,
  • ensuring access to training and supports for people that are disengaged or experiencing disadvantage,
  • developing workplace-related skills, and
  • supporting access to employment opportunities.

Improving completion rates

Improving completion rates in underperforming courses and improving outcomes for learners as a result of their VET studies will contribute to addressing persistent skills shortages and meeting the skills needs of new and emerging industries.

At commencement, a clear understanding of the learner’s purpose for study and the learner supports required, helps to achieve successful learner outcomes, including progression to employment or further education or training.

Skilled. Thriving. Connected. will trial, evaluate and scale innovative and best practice approaches to help more learners successfully complete their training and transition to employment and further education. This includes a focus on learners who are facing barriers and those historically underrepresented in the workforce, informed by the recommendations in the National VET Completions report.

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Learner Support Services


Every learner is different and some learners may require additional support to achieve their goals. Understanding this need, Skills SA offers Learner Support Services (LSS) to support students who face significant barriers to learning, or who are at risk of withdrawing from their course or falling behind.

Chayla Kaine-Gun’s story is an example of the positive impact LSS is having on learners. Chayla was losing motivation to complete the training she had started, not because the course was too difficult, but because she was dealing with family issues whilst studying.

Instead of giving up, Chayla reached out for support and met with Ms Diane Cooper, an LSS Officer. Through this support, Chayla not only successfully completed her training, but started to work towards new goals she did not have the confidence to consider prior to her studies.

Learners like Chayla do not have to go through these difficult times alone and by accessing tailored, confidential support provided by LSS, learners are supported to successfully complete their training and follow their dreams.